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Fresh Lime

This oval-shaped yellow citrus fruit with juicy acidic flesh is a globally renowned flavouring agent used for culinary and non-culinary purposes. In every corner of the world, it is a common ingredient of many cuisines, drinks and marinades. Primarily, this fruit is used for its acidic juice which contains about 5% (approximately 0.03 moles/liter) citric acid, the substance responsible for its tart taste. The lemon (citrus X limon) is a hybrid in cultivated wild plants. The name Limonum is derived from the Arabic Limun or Limu, which in its turn probably comes from the Sanscrit Nimbuka.The exact origin of the lemon is not known, but it is believed that this juicy fruit was originated in Asia,particularly in India; where it is still widely grown. Certain other species are also come in the category of lemons including Rough Lemon (C. Jambhiri Lush.), Sweet Lemon (C. Limetta Risso), 'Meyer' (Lemon X Mandarin Hybrid), etc.Besides being widely used for culinary purposes, it also contains many healing properties. For centuries, this yellowish-coloured fruit has been widely used for its therapeutic properties. It acts as a blood purifier and improves the body’s ability to get rid of toxins. Lemons are also used for cosmetics therapy.



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7kg net | 7.5 kg gross | 5 ply CFP bozes | 3300 boxes


40ft reefer container | LCL / FCL

Delivery Term

Ex-Cold Storage or CIF or As per negotiation

Payment Term

Advance(T.T),Cash & carry ,LC(Letter of credit) or DP

Sample size

100 kg min

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Sourceseas overseas




25-35++ mm


Throughout the year


FCL / LCL Container or Air Cargo

Supplying capacity

As per negotiation

Disptach Status

3-5 days from Purchase Order

Temprature in Transit

+ 0 - 2 degree in Refer container