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Basmati Rice ( 1121 )

Rice is a staple food crop in many parts of the world, including India. In fact, about 65% of the people consume rice as part of their diet in India. India is the second largest producer of rice in th world, accounting for about 90 million tons of production in the world. Rice is cultivated during both winter and summer, with over 4000 varieties of rice being grown every year. In countries where agriculture is the main occupation, the cultivation of rice is seen as the principal activity and a major source of income.Rice is defined as a cereal grain belonging to the grass family of 'Poaceae'. Rice belongs to two species of Poaceae crop, namely, 'Oryza Sativa' and 'Oryza Glaberrima'. The rice plant grows at a rate of 2-6 feet, and has long, pointed and flat leaves. It has stalk bearing flowers from which the the rice grains are produced. The rice plant needs both warmth and moisture for its proper growth. 

It belongs to the category of 'Indica Rice' or long grained rice. The grain of the rice is long, and is about 5 times longer than its width. The long grain rice narrow, long kernels. The long grain rice is known as a 'rough' or 'paddy' rice at the time of its harvesting. Its grains, when cooked, are light in weight as well as soft in texture. Due to its full-bodied flavor and versatility, the long grain rice is also known as an 'all purpose rice' or 'basmati rice', and is an ideal choice for an every day meal. Basmati rice is mainly cultivated in climates that are warm, like those in India, Pakistan and Thailand. The long grain rice is further classified as 'Long Grain Brown Rice' and 'Long Grain White Rice'



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1,5,25 upto 50kg PP - Non woven or Jute bag


20ft container FCL

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Ex-works,FOB,CIF or As per negotiation

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Advance(T.T),Cash & Carry,LC(Letter of credit) or DP

Sample size

200 - 500 gm min

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Sourceseas overseas


Raw,Steam,Sella,Golden Sella

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Crop year



Throught the year


21 M.Ton in 20ft container

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As per negotiations

Storage capacity

25000 metric ton

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5-7 days from purchase order